Per Ignis Ego Sum Solvo (Through the Fire I am Free) Phoenix


Art is at the very core of the human condition, from our earliest days sitting around fires telling stories, to our age of stages, lights, and music. Art is more human than war, than love, than feeling, Art is the thing that makes us who we are, and the day that it is lost, is the day that I no longer recognize humanity. -Phoenix-

My Work

Spoken Word Poetry, Novels, Short Stories, as well as event planning and Theater Advisement since 2013. I tell stories, whether it is through the written word, the stage, or visual media. Currently operating out of Monroe NC, and performing regionally,  Contact us for  information about booking, and upcoming projects.

As of January 2014 I will be working as a booking agent for Bottle Cap Booking Company in Monroe NC!! For information about an event date, or to ask about booking a show night. Please contact Contact us, or check us out on facebook:


- The Diary of Jason Windtalker
A troubled youth travels the world to escape a past he would forget, will he escape the problems of his own personal insanity, or will he be trapped, plagues by his problems forever.
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-Through the Fire EP

 Started back in early 2013, this on going project will become my first complete audio collection. Produced and accompanied by Sepehr Mokhtarzadeh from MoonBride, a local Charlotte Orchestral Folk Band, Look for it to come out sometime in the summer of 2014.